Saturday, 3 February 2007

Cogden, Chesil Beach

2nd February 2007 low tide

Cogden beach, between Burton Bradstock and West Bexington, Chesil Beach, Dorset. 02/02/07
Great weather for February, I caught about two dozen small pouting and four lesser spotted dogfish. I used light bass rods with fixed spool reels, 10lb line, 3 ounce leads and size 2 hooks on 2' long running ledger traces. Bait was ragworm and fresh herring from the supermarket. I was hoping to catch a sole or a dab.... but no such luck.

Cogden sunset.

Cogden Beach is National Trust property, there is a car park by the road (B3157) where members may park free but others must pay at the meter.. It will be about an eight minute walk down and 12 minutes back up. The beach is fine shingle giving way to sand at low tide. A snag free venue where you can catch most of the species that turn up along Chesil, with perhaps a better chance of plaice, sole and dabs than further east, long casting is not essential to fishing here. Summer brings mackerel and gar shoals within reach, more sport is had by float fishing for them rather than feathering. Best if there is an offshore breeze to aid casting.
A child friendly venue in fine weather but Chesil Beach can be an evil and dangerous place when there is a strong south-westerly.
There are no facilities here, just gorse bushes,shingle and sand........ and sea.

The walk down to the beach, and the beach itself, is much used by irresponsible dog 'walkers', dog emptiers would be a more apt description .....mind where you walk..... and try not to be too abusive to the dog walkers who, after their dogs have bounded around eating your bait, barking at you and peeing on your tackle box, announce that " he just wants to be friends".

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Anonymous said...

couldnt agree with you more about the dog ownwers ive lost countless bait and it always seems to be a labrador.but a great place to fish though.