Thursday, 8 February 2007

Poole Harbour & Studland

Evening, Holes Bay

Poole Harbour is a huge area of water where large flounder are sometimes caught along with bass.

Most fishing here is done with light tackle with ragworm as bait, specific locations are Baiter Park, Evening Hill,
Lake Pier & Rockley, Holly Bush and Holes Bay, the harbour entrance marks are The Haven and Shell Bay which is across on Studland Beach, a short ferry ride away. On the harbour side of Studland are the marks of Jerry's Point , Gravel Point and Bramble Bush Bay also Redhorn Point in Brands Bay ( there is interesting historical and geological info with map here)

The beach at Sandbanks is included under Poole marks as it is just a few hundred yards from the Holly Bush.

to be continued
updated 17/08/10


Anonymous said...

You should be aware that much of Poole harbour is a protected area,with regards to Bass fishing.Log on to for lots of useful info.jack

haddock said...

Thanks Jack,
I was aware, but "The prohibition on bass fishing in nursery areas does not apply to fishing from the shore. However it is expected that shore anglers and their associations will respect the need for this prohibition and return to the sea any bass caught within nursery areas."
When I get around to doing some posts on species and tactics I will be making this clear.

Anonymous said...

Poole Harbour is fishing well at present, turning up plenty of degent mullet close to the harbour entrance. Need a small hook for these though! Pollocks.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if baitor park is a good flounder spot and if so where bouts shuld u fish, also where bouts in holes bay is best next to the wreck or further around and what sort of rigs are best for flounder???

Anonymous said...

Baiter park does show some good size fish at the poole park outlet.

Anonymous said...

I am about to moor my first boat at Poole Harbour, and intend doing some sea fishing (my first time). You are not "talking to yourself". I'll be back to read all the archives and pick up more useful information. Thanks so far!

John said...

Excellent site. Thanks for all your hard work

Lyd66 said...

Hi haddock, recently moved to Blandford from Kent, could you recommend some areas locally to fish, I tend to fish chesil mainly in the past and fingers crossed their in a couple of weeks! Have been out of the shore fishing for quite a few years and my partner enjoys going fishing, I am waiting for my old freshwater gear to be transferred from my parents so at the moment I have a 3oz bass rod and 6oz beach aster both with fixed spools, any advice and haunts would be appreciated.