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Poole Harbour & Studland, Studland Beach

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Studland, Knoll Beach looking east towards Poole and Bournemouth.

Studland Beach is one of the best bathing beaches in the country, it is usually crowded in good weather. To the left of Knoll Beach is a popular naturists' area. If you fish here it is best done out of season. Studland is a National Trust property and is reached either by the Sandbanks to Studland Ferry ,via Corfe Castle or Swanage.

Car parking is free to NT members but non-members will pay the attendant during the holiday season. The car parks are closed at night, check times before setting off to fish a late session ! There is a café and shop at The Knoll car park (on the Ferry side of Studland Village ).

looking east from South Beach, Studland.

There are other access points and car parks, South Beach is less popular and is reached by a pleasant walk down a shady wooded valley from the car park by the pub. There are toilets at the head of the valley path and a café/snack bar at the beach during the summer season.
South Beach Studland looking towards Old Harry Rocks.

There is another car park and café in the middle of the two mentioned beaches, named in a moment of inspiration... Middle Beach. A high spring tide will leave you little room, dog walkers can be especially troublesome, The National Trust guidelines state
In welcoming you and your dog to our beaches all we ask is that you keep your dog under control, observe local signs, notices and restrictions, and dispose of dog poo thoughtfully.

Neither the dog nor the owners will have read this and the owners think that a dog nosing in among your tackle and bait is perfectly normal behaviour..... the dog owners may often be seen studiously staring out to see whilst their dog empties itself... so mind where you tread.

Middle Beach, Studland..... High Tide

Fishing here is mainly for bass and flatfish with other fish such as smoothound, black and gilthead bream, gurnard or rays turning up from time to time., it is a gently shelving beach and the water is shallow for a long way out. The bottom is sandy but watch out for mooring ropes to the right of South Beach; more unusual hazards are kite surfers, kayakers and morons on jetskis. Wading and lure fishing using a spinner or plug can be effective in early morning or late evening.
Bait can be collected here on low spring tides, razor fish if you know how to get them, slipper limpets, cockles etc.... especially after rough weather. Any bait you discover on a beach will be the food being looked for by the fish so will usually bring results.

Bait and tackle can be bought at the angling shops in Poole, Wareham or Swanage.

OTHER LOCAL VENUES.....Redhorn Point......Swanage

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