Monday, 5 January 2009

Poole Harbour, Redhorn Point.

Waiting for a flounder, Redhorn Point

Redhorn Point, Witch Farm Oilfield across the water.

As you head from Studland towards the Ferry you will drive uphill around a long sweeping bend and then as the road levels, see a long straight; on your left about 200 yards on is a metal gate ( FP5 on a sign on the gate) with large a rock each side of the gateway. Coming from the ferry, if you've started going downhill and turning left.... you've missed it. Parking is available at the roadside but keep clear of the yellow line. A broad path leads down to the point it is an easy walk with a few muddy patches after rain. There are usually a few boats moored near the point which provide a visual marker to head for.

January day, with ice along the shoreline.

Fishing from the side of the point is onto silt and mud and a good pull on the line is needed to move the weight from the bottom, from the point casting out to the right of the green channel marker pole the sea bed is more sand and shingle. There are some weed patches to negotiate when reeling in to avoid snags.
You can fish this venue with light tackle as distance is not needed, ragworm, mussel or slipper limpets will catch the usual Poole harbour species.... flounder, school bass and eels.

There are no facilities nearby, there is a cafe and toilets back at Knoll Beach (NT) at Studland. Nearest bait and tackle shops are at Wareham, Swanage or Poole.

The venue is child friendly, there is a strip of sandy beach or a close cropped grass area for the ankle-biters to play on within sight of where you will be fishing.Like all fishing marks along this part of the harbour please observe the fire safety rules.... no fires or barbecues. Adders are quite common in heathland, leave them alone and they will not bother you; keep out of long vegetation, there are a great many deer here and they carry ticks which lurk on the long growth waiting for another host to brush against it.

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Tide Times for the next seven days

updated 17th August 2010
Parking warning !

Parking Warning. The signs say 'no overnight parking'.... this means you may get a ticket for parking at any time during the 'night', even if you stay just a short time.
check the signs, I believe it is between
11pm and 06.30 am