Thursday, 16 August 2007

Poole Harbour, Jerry's Point.

Jerry's Point, looking west back towards Studland Village.
Jerry's Point is a promontory into Poole Harbour of the heathland that forms the Studland Peninsula. Access is via the road from Swanage to the Toll Ferry to Sandbanks. Look for a blue bus stop pole on the south side of the road about half a mile from the ferry; it has Jerry's Point listed as the stop name, opposite is a gated vehicle entrance with pedestrian access to the side. There is free parking alongside the road but keep inside the yellow line and do not park overnight or you will get a ticket. There are toilets back at the Ferry landing near the toll booth. There is a path that runs northwards to Jerry's Point which faces Brownsea Island, to the point is about a four hundred yard level walk but there may be muddy patches after rain . A few safety tips here, do not under any circumstances light a fire because of the risks to the heathland, the area has a big population of deer ( you can see there slot marks in the soil or in the sand on the beach ) so look out for ticks if you have brushed through the heather, also it is not uncommon to see adders here (best not to play with them). On the way out to the point you will pass a well defined path through the heather leading down into Bramble Bush Bay, you can fish along this beach out as far as the houseboats and Gravel Point. The water is shallow and bass and flounder are the targets here. Ragworm is the favoured bait but fish strips, sand eels or slipper limpets can account for the bigger fish.
Bramble Bush Bay with houseboats and Gravel Point in the background.
Fishing at the point is much like fishing other marks in the harbour. Shallow areas hold bass and flounder but little else. From the point you can cast into deeper water in the channel towards Brownsea Island, it is possible to wade out along the shingle spit to spin for bass in the deeper water or into the disturbed water that forms as the tide drops and increases the rate at which water flows around the point.
Generally the fishing is not great but this is compensated by the views and the solitude; it is not a busy mark usually although there are sometimes matches held here. A safe place for children to potter about on the narrow beaches or to paddle in shallow water.

Nearest tackle shops are Swanage Angling , Poole Sea Angling Centre or the shop in Wareham,
Purbeck Angling, 28 South St Wareham Dorset BH20 4LU

Parking warning ! The signs say 'no overnight parking'.... this means you may get a ticket for parking at any time during the 'night', even if you stay just a short time.
check the signs, I believe it is between 11pm and 06.30 am

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