Friday, 9 February 2007

Swanage Bay

Fog forming over Ballard Down.

Swanage is a venue that can be fished when weather is too foul to fish at other places, the bay faces east and is protected from the prevailing southwesterly winds.

Peveril Point to the Pier, The Pier, The Stone Jetty, Stone Jetty to The Mowlem Theatre, The Beach, The Banjo Pier, Ocean Bay and Shep's Hollow are all marks which can be fished with light tackle, a carp rod or nine foot spinning rod will be fine for most of the marks.. Many of the marks are child friendly and most are close to all the facilities of the town.
The Pier is a great spot for absolute beginners, safe and convenient... and using the correct tactics it would be difficult not to catch a fish here during the summer months.
There is a Tackle Shop a short walk from the Pier, or if you pass through Wareham on your way to Swanage there is a good tackle shop, Purbeck Angling, close to the bridge over the River Frome, there is a car park to the side of the bridge, by the Quay.
Parking in Swanage can be a problem in the summer and is expensive in the car park near to the pier. There is parking on the pier but the divers usually nab all the spaces at weekends, they start queueing at 7am or earlier.

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Anonymous said...

Keep trying peveril and the south cliff rocky area. Float...nil but wrasse...spinner, hard work in weeds...ledger, only do this if you want to lose all your gear!! Probably better from a boat!! Pollocks.