Friday, 9 February 2007

Swanage. The Stone Jetty

The Stone Jetty, Swanage

Opposite the end of Seymer Road near the pier is a small stone jetty where boats sometimes tie up to take on passengers. It is a popular spot for people intent on catching crabs. When it is not crowded there is a good chance of catching fish from the end of the jetty. Short or long casting or float fishing in the summer will usually get fish. Light tackle, size four or two hooks baited with ragworm, squid or small mackerel strips works best. Fish caught from here are, pouting, wrasse, rockling, pollack, bass, mullet, scad, mackerel, shad*, red mullet, flounder and garfish... these are just the species I have seen caught from here. Comfortable fishing, safe for kids if you can stop the ankle-biters from going over the one unguarded side of the jetty, although if they do there are steps to get down to fish 'em out again..Close to the shops with toilets along the prom towards the town.

*Shad are on 'the red list', ie, they are an endangered species.... put them back carefully.

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