Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Swanage, The Banjo Pier

The 'Banjo' Pier, Swanage.

This short stone pier is located opposite the Junction of Victoria Avenue with the seafront. It forms the storm-water outflow from the road drainage system so in times of heavy rain there will be a lot of fresh water entering the sea here. This can attract flounders looking for food washed in by the fresh water. 
The water off here is shallow and the tide recedes from the end on spring tide lows but a wide range of fish are caught from here, with bass being the prime target. Other species caught are various flatfish, small rays, pout, rockling and dogfish. It can be worth putting out a popped up fish strip* if there are any gar or mackerel about.
Mullet are often seen shoaling in the shallows to the side of the pier but are seldom tempted to take a bait.
The sea bed is clean sand with very few snags although sometimes after an easterly blow there will be 'banks' of weed formed. 
Some big spider crabs can be caught from here, a nuisance for anglers but fun for the kids. If a child is wanting to catch a fish then a scrap of worm on a size 6 hook dropped down to the base of the wall will most often result in a Shanny, the Common Blenny or a small Wrasse 
Safe for children, toilets, cafes, takeaways and car parking a short walk away.

* a pop-up rig... a running ledger trace perhaps 3 or 4 feet long with the addition of a small float ( usually a 12mm floating bead or two ) a few inches from the bait to 'pop-up' the bait into mid water and away from the crabs; this rig does not work well in strong tidal flows as the drag of the current forces the float down to the bottom.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Haddock,
Thankyou for the floats that you gave me at west bay on the west pier, they work great. This is a great site which has taught me a lot. just wanted to say thank you again.

Hope to see you again soon.
Tight lines
Pete. ofa Bridport