Friday, 9 February 2007

Swanage. Peveril Point to the Pier.

This area is known as Buck Shore,there is a footpath that leads to Peveril Point, access to this path can be found around the lower side of the futuristic looking building that is up the tarmac slope between the pier entrance and the grassy area.
The path leads past the Lifeboat Station and the Swanage and District Sea Angling Club building adjacent to it ( where the public can get hot and cold drinks, crisps etc in the summer. )
The sea bed along here is rocky, weedy and snaggy. It is best fished using float techniques or by using a spinner or plug. Surface-popper plugs that skim over the surface are good for bass along here and reduce tackle losses. Some big ballan wrasse live in the weed here.
Please do not attempt to fish from the lifeboat slipway, the lifeboat crew have enough to worry about without you, so keep off! There is
 a concrete jetty in front of the Angling Club, no one minds much if you fish from here but please be aware that boats have the right of way, and don't get in the way of the commercial fishermen who are trying to make a living. It is snaggy ground and you will lose some tackle.

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