Thursday, 8 February 2007

Poole Harbour, Holly Bush.

Holly Bush, not holly, not a bush.

The name Holly Bush is confusing, I hope the person who named it knew more about fish than he did about shrubs, it is not holly and it is not a bush. There is a clump of bushes at the top of the rise in the road and the bushes do have red berries at certain times of the year. The venue is opposite the Sandbanks car park on Shore Road and before you get to the mini roundabout as you head out towards the ferry. Parking is alongside the road or in the large car park across the road. This is a flounder and bass venue similar to Evening Hill and similar techniques apply, be careful not to catch a boat or a mooring rope if you are going for the long cast. A short cast will often produce a fish as the fish come right up to the wall. The area dries out at low tide and is fishable a few hours either side of high water. Bait can be dug at low tide and cockles collected. A child friendly venue where the adjacent road presents more danger than the shallow water, although lunatic cyclists may be a problem (as they are on anything that looks like a pavement)

Tackle shops for bait are Sea Fishing Poole at the eastern end of The Quay, the Poole Sea Angling Centre near Poole Quay or The Wessex Angling Centre on Wimborne Road..

Nearest facilities, café and toilets, are across the road in the car park and at the beach.

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G-star said...

I work at the large restaurant near this spot as well as being a keen fisherman.

the water next to the restaurant and along the wall about 40 yards towards the "holy bush" location seems to be the favourite place for the grey mullet! when is about 2 hours before the high tide and the sun is out there are at least 30 of them and some real monsters too

i have worked in the restaurant for 3 years and never seen anyone fish this spot!

p.s. i had a bit of luck accross the car park, on the coast side fishing for bass but catching turbot!!!!!!! (september 12th)