Sunday, 11 March 2007

Poole Harbour, Shell Bay

Shell Bay, Studland at the Poole Harbour entrance.

Shell Bay is the easternmost end of Studland Beach which stretches from here to Ballard Down. The area is owned by The National Trust, to the west is a nudist beach so don't wander too far that way. This beach is right by the Chain Ferry (so called because it hauls itself along chains which lie on the sea bed) that runs between Sandbanks and Studland and there are facilities near the toll booth and car park.
Fishing here mainly concentrates on bass and flatfish, at low tides you can see evidence of the Training Bank which is a long low bank of rocks that 'train' the tidal flow in and out of the harbour. This is a favoured area for bass.
The stream shown in the photo only appears after rainy periods and drains a lagoon into the sea.
Anglers can often be seen spinning for bass into the main current or bottom fishing ragworm or sandeel baits from the beach.

The harbour, across the road from Shell Bay.

Across the ferry approach road on the harbour side, mudflats are exposed at low tide and you can, if feeling energetic, dig bait here. The structure that is visible near the sun in this photo is an oil field installation. Wells under the harbour and drilled out to sea provide millions of pounds worth of oil a week.

For the lunatic fringe only, sign at Shell Bay.

One of the silliest signs I have ever seen, if you walk a coast path then you are bound, eventually, to reach a town on the coast ! If you really need to get to Minehead, go by car, especially if you are carrying all your fishing gear.