Sunday, 11 March 2007

Poole Harbour, The Haven.

The Haven, taken from the Chain Ferry from Studland

The Haven mark is easy to find, just follow the ferry signs from Poole. Parking is available very close to where you fish but it is short stay and expensive. Park on the side of the road in Panorama Road which is the road swinging back around to Poole when you get to the the ferry. The narrow entrance and the large volume of water in the harbour makes for fast tidal flow at this point. Check the tide conditions on Easytide. Where the graph line is flat there is less flow, where it is steep there will be a lot. You fish from a concrete wall, fish close in and you will not be so affected by the tide although there are weed beds and other snags on which to loose tackle. Spinning is good here with some nice bass caught on occasion. Light tackle, small hooks and baits dropped in close will give good sport with wrasse and other small species. Ragworm and mackerel or squid strips work well.There are facilities close by, a takeaway shop and toilets back up by the road junction. There are some concrete groynes around towards Sandbanks Beach that you can fish from, the same comments regarding tide strength apply. To get to these you will have to negotiate a short vertical ladder, a sloping slippery concrete apron and other obstacles. Not a venue for small children.
Float fishing for mackerel can be fun from here.
The harbour entrance is very busy with boat traffic, some boats come very close so watch your line. The constant noise of boat traffic can be annoying, some people will head for quieter venues.

Tackle shops for bait are Sea Fishing Poole at the eastern end of The Quay, the Poole Sea Angling Centre near Poole Quay or The Wessex Angling Centre on Wimborne Road...