Thursday, 8 February 2007

Poole Harbour, Evening Hill

Evening Hill looking south, towards car parking area and sailing club

Evening Hill is in the south east corner of Poole Harbour and can be found by following the B3369 out of Poole, look for the brown signs for Sandbanks and the Studland ferry. Apart from the summer period ( when it is used for boat storage ) you will find a small free car parking area adjacent to a sailing club building at the bottom of the hill as you drop down Sandbanks Road onto Shore Road. Alternatively park on the roadside on Evening Hill and take the steps down (near the Crichel Mount Road junction) this will take you down to the northernmost part of the venue where the green fir trees meet the path in the photo below.

Evening Hill looking north

This is a child friendly venue, even the small ankle-biters would find it difficult to drown themselves here. You can fish here for several hours each side of high tide, the area dries out on low tides exposing gravel and silty mud where ragworm can be dug. This is a flounder spot but bass, sometimes double figure specimens can be caught. Use light tackle, small hooks and ragworm as bait, distance casting is not required as the fish are sometimes only yards away. There are no facilities here, nearest are at the Sandbanks car park.

Tackle shops for bait are
Sea Fishing Poole at the eastern end of The Quay, the Poole Sea Angling Centre near Poole Quay or The Wessex Angling Centre on Wimborne Road..

access across unpaved car parking area.

Updated 17th August 2010

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Hi Cap't absolutely brilliant Poole and all the Spots Blog keep it up it does get read , look forward to meeting up in Weymouth , spurzy and the crew are great fishing people ( and the Girls ) Thanks for the Blog I've got loads of reading .I've been in Weymouth 5 years and learned more in an hour on your blog than I have since I moved down .