Thursday, 15 February 2007

Weymouth, The Pleasure Pier.

From The Pleasure Pier, Weymouth.

Someone with a great sense of humour named this The Pleasure Pier.
My understanding of pleasure does not include vandalism, graffiti, litter and decrepit dirty semi-abandoned buildings. The fishing can be quite good and it is a place you can fish when the weather is too bad to fish the nearby Chesil Beach.
In winter you can fish the Harbour side of the pier, wrasse, pout, dogfish and pollack are fairly abundant after dark along with whiting in winter and the occasional bass. Float fishing is popular during the summer for mackerel and garfish. Do look out for boat traffic and reel your lines in out of their way, long casting is not really required as the fish may be directly under you.
This is one of a few venues in the UK where you can catch squid from the shore, not the little calamari squid, but metre long squid that make good eating ( I cannot say how good as, thankfully, I have never been so hungry as to try to eat one.) The squid usually arrive in late September to early November.
There is a café that opens in the summer season at the end of the pier but apart from that there are no facilities nearby. The nearest tackle shop is near the Town Bridge. Car parking is on the pier complex by the ferry terminal, (pay and display) you can fish from the sea wall at the car park, the water is fairly shallow here but a variety of species can be caught. Gilthead bream have put in an appearance in recent years and tub gurnard can sometimes be caught by setting a float to drag the strip of mackerel bait along or near the sea bed. Mackerel can be caught at night here on occasions, the shoals will be on the surface and can be caught with a float set very shallow.... if the wind is from behind you then the float and weight can be dispensed with and the bait 'freelined' on the surface. The mackerel are taking advantage of the light from the high floodlights in the car park.

The Car Park wall, Weymouth Pleasure Pier.

Update. 04/12 An Observation Tower has been built since this photograph was taken.... the walkway remains but the car park spaces where you could fish from the back of the car do not.
The picture below shows the ferry which runs from there, in recognition of the vessel's speed and ride qualities it is known locally as the "Vomit Comet". This view of the ferry is not one you want when you are boat fishing

The Pleasure Pier, Nothe Fort and Stone Pier in the background.

Tide times for Weymouth for the next 7 days

Updated  7th April 2012
note re. squid season and recent modifications to car park.


Anonymous said...

what time of the year do the squid usually show up around the pleasure pier?

haddock said...

squid usually around from late September into early November but like all fish movements can be variable...sometimes early, sometimes late.

Anonymous said...

Do you need a fishing license to fish there during the day?

haddock said...

no licence is needed to fish in any sea surrounding the UK, you need one to fish for migratory game fish such as salmon or sea trout within 3 miles of the shore but in effect this means that if you catch one of these you should return it.
also see