Friday, 9 March 2007

Lyme Bay, Lyme Regis beaches.

The Beach, Marine Parade, Lyme Regis. The Cobb in the distance.

This beach is shingle giving way to sand weed and rocks to the east while to the western end by The Cobb, sand is imported for the anklebiters to play in. Most species can be caught here. The rocky parts are home to blennies, little wrasse and other small species to add to your list. Very busy in the summer months. Plenty of facilities nearby. This beach is less 'tackle hungry' than the other beach to the west of The Cobb.

Monmouth Beach to the west of The Cobb.

Monmouth Beach can be a tackle graveyard, be prepared to loose weights. The loss will be worth it if you can connect with a Bull Huss. The Huss is the grumpy cousin of the humble and gentle dogfish, you can tell the difference by looking for the seperated nose flaps and more visible teeth of the Huss but the fact that it tries to bite your arm off is a more obvious clue. A dogfish grows to a couple of pounds, a ten pound Bull Huss would not be rare from this beach. Baits used are squid and ragworm... lots of it for big fish.
If you are a mullet or bass specialist then the junction of this beach and The Cobb will be of interest to you. At times in the summer great piles of seaweed form here. Maggots emerging from the decaying weed are the preferred food of mullet and bass at this time and sport can be good. You should not have too much trouble with holiday makers, the smell of the decaying seaweed will drive them far away.
Shops and facilities are available by The Cobb. There is a tackle shop nearby but it is open only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at weekends. Fossils can be found on the beach and in the cliffs.
The cliffs are soft and are prone to landslips, be careful, do not climb on the cliffs they really are unstable.

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Most helpful tips and comments for my proposed trip to Lyme. Well done for taking the time to compile this and good luck with future inclusions. Tight lines !