Monday, 19 March 2007

The Solent, Eastney Beach

Eastney Beach, looking west to Southsea.

Eastney Beach is in the Eastern Solent and lies to the east of the South Parade Pier at Southsea and is reached via The Esplanade. The mark is popular in the spring as plaice tend to come inshore to feed up after spawning. The favoured spot seems to be in front of the yellow bus shelter near the St Georges Road junction but fish are caught from the whole length of the beach. This spot is probably favoured as it is easily found and there are toilets across the road by the junction and there is a matted wheelchair access strip over the shingle which makes for easy walking onto the firm shingle and sand of the inter-tidal part of the beach. There is plenty of (expensive) roadside parking and a car park about three hundred yards to the east of the yellow shelter.

Eastney Beach, looking east, low tide.

This venue can be fished at any state of the tide.In addition to the plaice, other flat fish such as flounder and dabs are caught along with the usual small species with rarer species such as gurnard turning up in summer. The beach is gently sloping and you will be fishing into fairly shallow water. There is a small tackle and bait kiosk at the pier and several others nearby such as Allan's Marine and Lock, Stock and Tackle * in Portsmouth and Southsea.

for 'rough terrain' wheelchairs.

* website down Aug '08