Friday, 2 March 2007

The Solent, Hythe Reclaimed Land.

Hythe Reclaimed Land, looking down-channel from the block. Mid tide

Hythe Reclaimed Land, looking up-channel from the block. Near high tide.

To find this venue take the Fawley road from Totton, at Dibden follow the brown local info signs into Hythe, Ferry and Waterfront. You will come to a mini roundabout at the end of Jones Lane, the town and ferry are to the right and the marina to the left. Go towards the marina, under the bridge then turn right ( permit holders only to the left) , follow it round to the old life boat and park there; pay or you will be clamped; £3 for 5hrs £5 for 12. Go over the lock gates, ahead yo will see a boatyard, and rock armour to the seaward side, near the entrance to the boatyard you will see a narrow path between the rocks and a chainlink fence. This path, where the first fifty yards are the worst, leads you out onto the reclaimed land. This is a shingle and shell beach sloping down onto mud,it is mainly clean ground with a few stones and snags. On the higher tides you will need to climb back onto the path at high tide. Past the bend there is a concrete block (an old jetty) which is a favoured place whilst further on there are some old sunken concrete barges which indicate another favourite. In fact fish can be caught anywhere along this shore and one spot is as good as any other. If you don't mind hard work and getting muddy you can dig bait here at low tide. Flounders, pouting, and bass can be caught with many other species putting in an occasional appearance. Ragworm is the favoured bait here. Distance casting not required when the tide is up to shingle and twenty or thirty yards will get fish. This is a child friendly venue once you get past the first part of the path. There is usually plenty of boat traffic and aircraft flying overhead. Have a look at low tide to see where the small rock groynes are so that you can avoid them.
The local tackle shop is Bells of Hythe which you can find by taking the right turn at the mini roundabout and following the road through the town, Bells is on the right, on a corner site, painted blue, just on the entrance to a car park.and opposite Barclays Bank. There are plenty of shops and toilets at the Pier Entrance on your left as you drive into the town.


Brett Clarke said...

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Unknown said...

Thank god for that. I always fished the barges and went back to look after 6 years and saw it was permit holders only now. I didn't realise I could still access it from the other side of the lock gates. I cant wait to get fishing there again as the last session I had 10 bass