Thursday, 1 March 2007

The Solent, Magazine Lane.

Magazine Lane, Marchwood. Southampton Docks opposite.

The locals refer to this mark as Snag Alley, some parts are snaggy, some not so; if you loose too much tackle a short move may get you to a cleaner patch. Some use plastic lead lifts on their weights to reduce losses; generally a fast retrieve will clear the snags.The deep water channel runs close to this venue, a large variety of fish can be caught here but it is mainly used as a 'fall-back' mark when the weather is too bad to fish other marks. There is a stone apron area in front of the wall with stones and rocks beyond, this can make the retrieval of fish difficult at low water. The area attracts the chav element and litter and vandalism is rife here. The area is backed by an expensive estate and it is possible that the venue may be closed to angling because of the behaviour of the uncaring few. The venue is safe for children with a wall to keep them out of the water, don't be tempted to go over the wall onto the apron. it is very slippery.There are some lights along the paved section. There are no facilities nearby.
Nearest tackle shops, Bells of Hythe or Tightlines 1a Rumbridge Street, Totton.
The venue is reached via Normandy Way, Marchwood. Magazine Lane is immediately after Admiralty Way if approaching from the Totton direction. There is a small free car park at the end of the Lane, the venue is to the left, crossing over a boatyard to get to it.

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