Sunday, 15 April 2007

Pembrokeshire, Ceibwr, Moylegrove

Ceibwr, looking east.

Ceibwr is a small bay and headland at Moylegrove which is signposted from Newport or Cardigan via St Dogmaels. It is a beautiful spot and the fishing can be good. There are no facilities at Ceibwr, there are toilets back in the village in the car park; the nearest place to eat and drink is the Pavilion Cafe at the garden centre, Penrallt Ceibwr, which is a turning on the left as you leave Moylegrove towards St Dogmaels up a very steep hill.

At Ceibwr you can walk along the rock ledges to find a spot; long casting is not required as the fish are in the gully between you and the rock reefs which rise only yards away. Float fishing is fun and wrasse, pollack and even dogfish can be caught this way. There is kelp in the gully so fish will try to dive into it to escape; keep hold of the rod and react quickly and you should not loose too much tackle. Bottom fishing picks up the same species plus some mini-species but tackle loss can be high. Use old nuts, bolts, spark plugs etc to keep costs down you will not need a lot of weight to find bottom.

Casting into the rough ground in the cove entrance can provide sport with dogfish, bull huss, conger eel or even tope on rare occasions.

Do not go down onto the ledges if there is rough weather or a big swell running, wear sensible footwear the rock edges are sharp and slanted. Barefoot or flip-flops are not an option.

Ceibwr, looking west low tide.

The water is usually much clearer than it is in this photograph. Spinning in the gulley can get pollack,bass and, in season, mackerel. Please keep this lovely spot clear of litter, old line and bait. There are no bins.... take it home.

Bait is a problem in West Wales. Mackerel can usually be bought from Tesco in Cardigan, there is a tackle shop in Cardigan (Castaway Tackle Shop in College Row 01239 621856 ) which sells frozen bait and ragworm, best to phone to check they have some in stock or to order some in advance. As you go through the High Street on the one-way system you will notice a small square with what was Woolworths to the right, immediately turn left down the hill, this is College Row, there is a car park about 50 yards further at the bottom of the hill. Soft or peeler crabs can be found at St Dogmaels along the waters edge where the boats are moored.