Sunday, 15 April 2007

Pembrokeshire, Fishguard Inner Breakwater.

The inner Breakwater, Goodwick, Fishguard
If you drive along the M4 and then the A40 to the very end you will be at the Ireland ferry terminal at Goodwick but which is referred to as Fishguard. Pass the filling station and turn right at two mini roundabouts into the car park. There is a slip road that is marked no through road, 'slipway only', that takes you to a further parking area at the end of the breakwater. There is disabled parking here and there is a café and toilets in the large building adjacent, there are other toilets in the building at the top of the slipway.
The breakwater has rock armour to the sides which make retrieval of a fish difficult but the right hand side for the first third of the breakwater is steeper than the rest so is more fishable. On the left side there are several basic platform areas that make fishing easier. The end of the breakwater has concrete and stone aprons which makes for better access as it is possible to stand on these to spin for fish.

The end of the Inner Breakwater.
Fish caught here are dogfish, pouting, flatfish, whiting, wrasse, bass and mackerel in season. In autumn and winter cod are also taken. The water is fairly shallow until you reach the end, although this does not mean the fish are not there; flounders and bass do not mind shallow water; float fishing is possible from the end of the breakwater although keep an eye out for lobster pot markers and ropes. Worm is favourite bait if you can obtain any locally but squid or fishbait will take fish. Frozen bait, for example frozen raw prawns, may be available at the Tesco store which is located by the roundabout. Bait is a problem in this area, tackle shops come and go, it will probably be a case of driving to Raven Trading at Pembroke Dock, 
Lugworm can be dug at low tide, look for the worm casts; please backfill any holes you dig as they can be a danger to other beach users. On low spring tides you may be able to get some razorfish and it may be worth looking for peeler crabs among the weed and rocks at the south end of the beach, to the right of the breakwater.

In parts, with able-bodied help for retrieving.