Friday, 20 April 2007

Pembrokeshire, Newport, The Parrog

Behind the Boat Club, on The Parrog.

This is a popular spot for crabbing from the wall; the car park and toilets are a short walk away. The tidal pull is very strong through here and it is fishable only at high slack water if using legering techniques. Spinning is possible, casting into the main tideway although weed in the water can make this method tiresome. Bass, mullet and flounder make their way in and out of the estuary through this narrow channel.
You can get frozen bait for crabbing from a shop by the garage workshop in the village. At low tide you may find peeler crabs in the weed at the base of the wall. Lugworm can be dug out on the flats but do not dig near boat moorings and backfill any holes.
.Evening on The Parrog with tide tide creeping in.