Friday, 20 April 2007

Pembrokeshire, Newport, The Slipway

The Slipway, at the old lifeboat house.

If you take the footpath from The Parrog car park, you can walk alongside the estuary in front of the cottages; if the tide is in you may have to take the upper path which is signposted where a detour is required. Eventually you will come to the little bay and the slipway, locally this is known as Cwm. Fishing here is onto fairly clean ground. The fishing is not great but the location is. Pollack, bass, whiting, eels or mini species are possible using worm or fish baits. Children like this spot as there are rock pools to explore at low tide; a toddler friendly spot.

The Steps, past the Slipway.
Past the slipway the coast path splits, take the lower route and you will come to some rocks with concrete steps. There is very limited room here so only a few people can fish. Spinning or float fishing may intercept fish moving in or out of the estuary. Pollack and wrasse lurk along the rocks edges among the weed and mackerel can come within range in summer. Not a place for toddler type children.
Rock ledge, room for three or four to fish here.
A little way further on from the steps there is fairly easy access down to a flat rock platform. A place to try to intercept fish as they move in or out with the tide, try spinning for bass or cast a big bait into the tideway; you will need a heavy grip weight at certain periods during the tide as the current will be strong and sometimes there is a lot of weed in the water.