Saturday, 21 April 2007

Pembrokeshire, Saundersfoot Harbour

Saundersfoot Harbour, Inner wall.

Saundersfoot ( pronounced Sandersfoot by the locals ) is to the north of Tenby, just off the A477/478 and the B4316.
It is a convenient spot for children and parts are accessible to wheelchair users. The harbour dries out at low tide so check tide times for fishing here. Parking is right alongside the harbour wall and toilets, shops and caf├ęs are a short level walk away. 
The easiest fishing is from the inner wall casting onto clean sand. A long cast is not needed, fish come very close to the wall. Dogfish, flatfish, bass and other bottom feeding fish are caught along with mullet, mackerel and gar in season to float fished mackerel strip.
In the Autumn there are usually plenty of Tub Gurnard to be caught and sometimes smoothhounds although they are likely to be small pups.
Squid, mackerel or sandeel will take most fish. 

Very light tackle and size 6 or smaller hooks dropped down the wall or by the rocks will get blennies, watch out with these they have sharp teeth and they are not averse to giving a nip as you get the hook out.
There is a wall dividing off a small section at the back of the harbour, this wall is usually crowded with people catching crabs.

Saundersfoot Harbour, the outer wall.

The outer wall has a stone and concrete apron which can make fishing from here difficult when retrieving tackle or landing a fish. At the end of the wall at the round section there is a vertical drop to the water which makes that section the favoured spot. Summer fishing spells mayhem here as people will come and fish from the apron under where you are trying to fish from the top. There is access at the start of the wall onto a small beach which can be fished on a rising tide although at high you will be forced back onto the steps.
At most times light tackle and smooth leads can be used, there is not much tidal current.
Razor fish and black lug can be got from this beach at low tide on spring tides by those who know how to get them.
Bait including ragworm can be got at Tenby, Tenby Angling within the Old Market Hall which is on the High Street * ( edit. June 2015, I heard that this has now closed ) or at Pembroke Dock

updated Mar 2012 local Tackle Shop now closed, ref deleted.

Inner wall only, see top photograph.