Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Cornwall, Godrevy Point.

Gwithian Sands and Godrevy Point, north coast.

You will find this venue off the B3301 from Hayle to Portreath, Gwithian Sands can be fished but it is usually swarming with surfers; head east from Gwithian and you will find the entrance to The National Trust property of Godrevy. If you are a member you can park here free, otherwise pay the man on the gate. The car parks are closed at night so check the closing times before heading off. The cars parked in this car park can be seen as white specks above the white building in the middle distance in the photo above. There is a cafe at the entrance and toilets at the car park.
Float fishing from the rocks at Godrevy Point.

You can fish from the beach which should be surfer-free at this point, fishing worm, sandeel or fish baits will give you a chance of bass, rays, turbot, plaice or flounders, closer to the rocks or bottom fishing from the rocks, will get wrasse or pollock. Spinning is another tactic which can work for big pollock.The ground here is sandy when clear of the rocks.
The rocks at Godrevy, looking towards Godrevy Island.

Float fishing from the rocks will get mackerel gar and scad in season, along with pollock, bass and wrasse. The rock platform is fairly easy to negotiate and is safe, in calm weather, for sensible children... but toddler type kids on the beach only. Do not fish here in rough weather, even in calm weather keep an eye out for the swells which can take you unawares especially near high tide.... retreat to a higher perch or to the beach, no fish is worth the risk of being swept away and drowned.
There are tackle shops in Hayle, one is in a market building near where the road doubles back under the railway bridge, near Foundry Square car park, the other in Fore Street as you pass through the town heading eastwards. Look for their sign on the roadside.