Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Cornwall, Mousehole Harbour.

Mousehole Harbour, low tide.

Mousehole is a quaint little harbour west of Penzance. Parking is very close to the harbour and there is a toilet block between the car park and the harbour wall. The harbour can be best fished for say three hours each side of high tide. Like all harbours, give way to boat traffic and try not to kill the children who will annoy you by jumping into the harbour near the signs saying that jumping is forbidden. Float fishing will get small pollock and mackerel, gar and scad in season. Bottom fishing will get the usual wrasse and small species near the rough ground, flounders are caught in the harbour entrance and on the clean ground. The sea is usually clear enough to see the snaggy and clean areas.
Mousehole Harbour, from the car park.

There is easy access onto the harbour arms for wheelchair users but space at areas without a high wall is limited. Bait can be got from the tackle shops in Penzance, you will pass one as you drive out from the town to Mousehole. There are toilets close by and several caf├ęs within easy walking distance.