Monday, 14 May 2007

Pembrokeshire, Freshwater East.

Freshwater East, looking eastwards.

Freshwater East is reached via the A4139 and B4584 south east of Pembroke. There is a large pay and display car park a short walk from the beach with toilets on the route to the beach. The best fishing area is said to be far to the left of the bay although fish are caught for the whole length.
Dogfish will be the most common fish caught here with pollack and pouting showing up also, in season smoothound are a possibility. The ground is generally quite clean and tackle loss should be minimal.
Freshwater East, with freshwater stream at the right of the beach.

The beach is popular with other holiday makers so early mornings or late evenings will be the times to fish. Expect the occasional bass, ray, plaice, turbot, flounder or whiting to turn up; use ragworm, sand eel or fish baits. Many of these fish favour places where a freshwater stream brings food items into the sea.

to be continued.