Monday, 14 May 2007

Pembrokeshire, Freshwater West.

Freshwater West, access to beach from car park.

Freshwater West is an isolated sandy beach off the A4319 West of Pembroke. Nearby is the Castlemartin Range, the sound of gunfire from tanks may liven up your fishing. There is a car park with, well hidden, toilets about halfway along the beach. Bass and dogfish will be the mainstay of fishing here with flatfish and rays putting in an appearance. The ground in front of the car park and to the left is rocky and snaggy with cleaner ground to the right.
North end of Freshwater West beach.

There is a small car park with access to the beach at the northern end of the beach. The sand dunes show signs of severe erosion caused by foot traffic, don't add to it.... fish where there is easier and less damaging access.

to be continued