Saturday, 27 June 2009

Pembrokeshire, Neyland - Brunel Quay

Low Tide, Hobb's Point across the water

Original Brunel railway lines make a handy rod rest

memorial to Brunel

Brunel Quay is an easy location to fish. Find it by heading for Neyland Marina which is well signposted; you will find the entrance to a large free car park among the trees on the bend in the road. The water retreats at low tide so fishing is only possible for a few hours either side of high water unless fishing from the beach. The venue is railed and is safe for children.
The picture taken at low tide shows the nature of the sea bed, it is generally quite clean but there is a large mussel bed running out from the corner; this can snag tackle but wrasse, bass, eels and several mini species can be found feeding here.Target species here will be bass, wrasse and mackerel in summer and whiting and codling in the winter. Trigger fish can show up here on occasion in August and September. Dogfish are present all year round and thornback rays can be caught.
Long casting is not necessary so light tackle can be used for summer fishing. The tide pulls hard on the ebb so grip leads will be required if you cast out into the main tide run. I have seen people fishing from the beach at low tide but I have taken the easy comfort option of fishing from the Quay.

Bait, ragworm, sandeel and mackerel can be got from Angler's Corner in Milford Haven (
Pill Rd, Milford, Haven, SA73 2NS tel.01646 698899 ) which is conveniently close to the back road from Milford Haven to Neyland and is easily spotted from the main road into Milford have, it is on the left to the side of a large garage/workshop.
There is another shop on a small trading estate just down the Tenby road from the London Road roundabout in Pembroke Dock. Shops come and go in West Wales with alarming frequency, it's hard to keep up.
There is a long established shop, West Wales Angling, 
31 Meyrick St, Pembroke Dock, Dyfed SA72 6AL
01646 622712
Edit, this is now closed.


Raven Trading

  • Tel: 01646 279117
Unit 16, London Rd Shopping MallPembroke Dock,DyfedSA72 4RS

There is a café/bar in the complex of buildings near the marina and shops back in the town. There are no public toilets nearby.

OTHER LOCAL VENUES......... Hobb's Point.............. Milford Haven

easy level access to railed promenade