Friday, 23 March 2007

Weymouth, Ringstead Bay.

Ringstead Bay, at low tide, showing reefs.

If you take the Wareham road from Weymouth, the A353, you will pass through Osmington; on the right is a 'drop away' turning just before the road goes up under some trees. Follow this narrow lane through a little village and as you go up a fairly steep hill you will see the turning to Ringstead Bay on your right. If you find a National trust car park, you have gone too far. Parking is in a field quite near the beach, it is free in winter but an attendant will take money from you in summertime. There is a cafe and shop which is open only during the holiday season and a toilet block, newly built, to the rear of the shop. Walk past the shop, the lane turns to the right and shortly after you will see a steepish ramp down to a shallow shingle beach. You will see from the photographs that there are reefs just out to sea. This affects the fishing in two ways, firstly the reefs hold wrasse, bass etc but are very snaggy; secondly the reefs make waves and waves attract surfers who will appear from nowhere to enjoy them. Fishing is best done to the west past where the reef ends, if walking along the access lane pass by the ramp and after the 'green' in front of a cottage you will see a rudimentary path, slippery, steep and uneven down to the beach. It is easier to walk along the beach from the ramped access.
Ringstead Bay, looking west from the 'green'

The rough ground here means that wrasse, dogfish, bass and bullhuss are possible along with the usual pout and other small species. In winter whiting and codling can be added to the list, and as near any reef or rough ground a conger eel is not out of the question.
Float fishing for gar, scad, mackerel and bass can be done here in the summer. Nearest tackle shop is the Weymouth Angling Centre.