Monday, 14 May 2007

Pembrokeshire, Stackpole Quay and Barafundle.

Stackpole Quay at very low tide.

Stackpole Quay is a tiny picturesque inlet on the rocky coast south of Pembroke. It is reached via the A4319 and then narrow lanes, the Stackpole Estate is National Trust Property, there is a large car park with toilet facilities and a cafe/restuarant which is open during the summer season. NT members have free parking, others have to pay. Access to the Quay and rocks is along a winding path with a final descent over the rock platforms. There is a steel escape ladder structure in the corner of the inlet for those silly enough to get trapped by the tide.
From the cliff top to the left of the Quay.

As can be seen from the photographs, this is rocky, snaggy country ! Fishing is best done by float fishing fish strips or sand eel or spinning. Bottom fished baits close to the rocks will get wrasse and pollack. Most fishing is done in summertime for mackerel and bass.
Low tide, showing rocks that you will fish over at high.

Hardy and agile types can find rock ledges to fish from by exploring the cliffs from the path that leads from the right of the harbour. This is not to be advised for children at any time or anyone at all in rough weather. Bottom fishing from these ledges needs a good cast to clear the rock ledges and kelp which eat tackle, bull huss are the prime target.
Those of more lazy disposition will find the beach at Barafundle more to their taste. A short walk and steepish climb down from the cliff path. Fishing here is mainly done from the rock fringes of the beach.

to be continued.