Friday, 7 October 2011

Pembrokeshire, Amroth Beach.

Amroth, looking back towards Saundersfoot., the slip in the background

Amroth, Looking east, water just reaching the bank.

Amroth is just along the coast, to the east of Saundersfoot, it is a south-facing sandy beach and is noted for catches of flounder and bass. Approaching the village from the Saundersfoot direction you will drop down to the seafront and see, on the corner, free parking and a toilet block.

There is easy access from here down onto the sandy beach via a concrete slipway. The beach to the left has a bank of large stone 'shingle' which is not comfortable to either walk on, stand on, or climb...for that reason many will fish from the slip...or fish at low tide when fishing is more comfortably done standing on flat sand. Catches seem to be about the same at any state of the tide. If heading west, take care not to be cut off by the tide amongst the rocks.
The fish to be targeted here are flatfish and bass, mullet can be caught and according to season, smoothhound and gurnard put in an appearance. Dogfish are probably ever present.
Long casting is not required, fish can be very close in... when fishing a rising tide the water moves in rapidly on big tides so a short cast will soon be a long cast if you do not recast often. When fishing a dropping tide at night you can end up a way down the beach from your kit...some reflective tape on your kit can help in finding it again.............

Amroth, fishing from the shingle.

If fishing from the shingle bank a big bait dropped in close to where the sand meets the bank can pay off with a bass. If there are gar or mackerel about a pop-up rig* may catch them.

Best baits here are worms and fish-baits of various kinds; mackerel, gar, sandeel will all find fish... the beach is sometimes littered with razor shell so razorfish would seem to be a good bet.

Bait can not be got in Saundersfoot unless you dig it yourself, the nearest tackle shops are at Tenby ( ? now closed ) or from Raven Trading, Unit 16, London Road Mall, Pembroke Dock, phone John on 07794 522 396
. Out of season it would be well to phone to check on availability or to order fresh bait.

There are shops pubs and caf├ęs along the seafront within easy walking distance, there is a bigger car park a little further down the road if there is no room on the corner.

* a pop-up rig... a running ledger trace perhaps 3 or 4 feet long with the addition of a small float ( usually a 12mm floating bead or two ) a few inches from the bait to 'pop-up' the bait into mid water and away from the crabs; this rig does not work well in strong tidal flows as the drag of the current forces the float down to the bottom.

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Approximate Tide Times for the next 7 days

updated April 2012 Saundersfoot tackle shop now closed.


Stuartrw79 said...

Hi, i will be heading down this part of the world in Nov for a weekend fishing. I am staying in fresh water east, I have read your reports on locations in and around this area, could you give me any recommendations for this time of year, many thanks graet site have really enjoyed reading.

haddock said...

whiting should be about in good numbers... they are not fussy feeders, mackerel or sandeel is cheaper than worms and just as effective. Dogfish seem to be ever present on this coast...and there should still be flatties about.
Have a look on on the side ...for up to date reports from that area.
Enjoy your stay in Pembrokeshire... I always do.