Friday, 13 August 2010

Pembrokeshire, Hobb's Point, Pembroke Dock.

Hobb's Point showing the pontoon in place.

Hobb's Point is signposted once you get to Pembroke Dock, look for the brown tourist information signs. It is at the end of Pier Road, don't expect to find a pier, it is the ramp that was used by the car ferry service across the River Cleddau before the bridge was built.
Winter fishing is done from the railed section at the top of the ramp, during the summer a pontoon is erected which prevents the landing of any fish caught. Cod and whiting are targeted by putting large baits out more than eighty yards or so to clear the horrendous snags which result from cars off the old ferry, supermarket trolleys, benches, litter bins, paving slabs and any other rubbish the locals can find to lob in there. If you are prepared to risk losing tackle and fish rotten bottom rigs then conger can be caught here in the rough, close in. Dogfish are likely to put in an appearance at some stage, in the rough or out on the clean ground.

Hobb's Point, the ramp.

Fishing close in is a technique to increase your 'species caught' list if you fish the sloping ramp section. There are snags, kelp and other weed but the bottom is teeming with fish species, four types of wrasse, umpteen of gobies, butterfish, sand smelt, pollack, tiny codling, eels, and others. Use a light rod and small hooks. I use size four fine wire hooks that will bend out of snags under pressure tied to hook lengths about half the breaking strain of the main line, using one ounce leads keeps the cost of lost tackle down. Small pieces of ragworm, stale or dead and dying works better than fresh... or small slivers of fishbait or sandeel will work as well. Fish within a yard or so from the wall ....... and do not be too surprised if in August or September you catch one of these...especially around low slack water.

Trigger fish caught in September, Hobb's Point

Float fishing can reduce tackle loss and can result in pollack or bass, with mackerel in season. The area off the end of the ramp where the water swirls as the tide moves is favourite.
If you bottom fish parallel to the ramp out from the end towards the boat moorings you will be onto generally clean ground with clumps of weed you will pick up bigger wrasse and school bass. Cast over into the shallows to the right and mullet are possible; you can watch the swirls they make in the water as the tide advances over the mud, I'm told they will take ragworm but I haven't the patience for mullet fishing....

This venue has the advantage of being fishable at any state of the tide although heavy grip leads will be needed to hold in the tide if casting out to the main channel.

Be very wary of the green slime on the ramp, it is very slippery when wet... and the ramp drops off suddenly it does not taper gently down to the sea bad.... it was made for a car ferry, not little dinghies.

the ramp, the green bits are slippery !

There is ample parking at this venue, you can park at the top or on the ramp itself. There are toilets at the top of the ramp, food and drink can be got at Lidl or Asda which you will have passed to get there, both are within walking distance. There are several caf├ęs a little further on in the town.

Local tackle and bait shops are

Pembroke Angling Address 31 Meyrick Street, Pembroke Dock SA72 6AL 01646 622712.

Anglers Corner in Milford Haven

Unit 46, Honeyborough Business Park, Neyland SA73 1SE 01646 601300

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Tide times for Hobb's Point for the next 7 days

easy level access to railed promenade
and from the sloping ramp with a levelling device.