Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Chesil Beach, Abbotsbury.

Abbotsbury, looking east towards Portland.

The beach at Abbotsbury is a nationally recognised mark, all manner of fish are caught here and it can get crowded when there are cod around in winter or mackerel in the summer..
Turn off the coast road from Weymouth to Bridport ( B3157) on a bend at the bottom of a steep hill that is signposted to the Subtropical Gardens. Go past the gardens and car parks to the end of the lane, there is a car park on your left. An attendant will take money from you in the tourist season but not in winter. There is a toilet block in the car park. Access to the beach is made easier by the boarded walkway to the crest of the bank, after this it is loose shingle; the beach is quite steeply banked and gives access to deep water.
Abbotsbury Beach, looking west.

Experienced anglers tend to trudge off towards the cottages to the west or The Dragon's Teeth to the east. The dragons teeth are a line of shaped concrete anti-tank blocks that remain from WWII. Debate rages whether the fishing is much better but at least you do not have mackerel feathers, hooks and leads whizzing around. You will be fishing onto clean, mainly snag free ground and you can fish fairly light in summer.
The Dragon's Teeth are just visible above the trees in the right foreground.
Shops and caf├ęs are about a mile along the road in the village of Abbotsbury, There is a Swannery to see at Abbotsbury if you get bored with fishing. The nearest tackle shop is Weymouth Angling near the Town Bridge. If you are travelling here from the west then pick up bait in West Bay.
The usual Chesil comment applies here.....
do not even think about going onto the beach to fish with a big sea running