Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Chesil Beach, The Cove.

Looking west from the Cove.

Chesil Cove is the easternmost fishing mark on Chesil Beach and is reached via the village of Chiswell. Do not take the road up the hill but take the next exit from the roundabout. There is a small road to the right, Brandy Row, where you can sometimes find a place to park. The area is popular with divers, you will have to take care ( they usually will not). The water here is deep and a short cast is sometimes all that is needed to catch. The bottom can be snaggy in places, getting more so as you move around to the left. Some hardy types hike off along this rocky shoreline to hunt big wrasse. There is a chance of almost any fish that swims in British waters here, trigger fish are not particularly rare here but expect to catch bass, pollack, dogfish and wrasse along with mackerel and gar in the summer. Best bait, ragworm, squid and fishbait. Access to the beach is easy but the beach is made up of potato sized cobbles which make walking tiring. There are shops and a café in the village, and a café, recently opened, at the Portland end of the promenade. Children cannot come to too much harm here if they are kept out of the water.

Rough ground at the end of Chesil, the start of The Isle of Portland.

The nearest tackle shops are Chesil Bait 'n' Tackle on Portland Road,
or Weymouth Angling
near the Town Bridge
see here

updated 14th April 2011