Monday, 4 June 2007

The Purbecks, Worbarrow Bay.

Worbarrow Tout, tout is an old word for a lookout point

Worbarrow Bay is south west of Wareham and west of Swanage, it is within a military firing range area and entry times are dependent on range use. The access is usually given at weekends and bank holidays. Notices giving information are on the approach roads along with closing times for car parks. The area was requisitioned during WWII and has changed little since then so there is little or no new building and the area is farmed much as it was in the 1940s; it is a beautiful piece of countryside. Paths are marked by yellow topped posts.... stay on the paths !... if you are stupid enough to leave the paths, the metal objects looking like shells or bombs probably are and will cause you no good at all if they are poked or prodded.
There is a large car park, open from about 6am to 10pm, for which there is a charge of £2 (I think) to be paid into the honesty box. There are toilets on the left after the bridge over a small stream as you turn right to begin the long walk down to the bay. The walk down between trees and grassland is gently sloping until you reach the low cliff by the Tout where it becomes steep. The first part of the beach is sandy and you will be casting onto rough ground for wrasse bass or pollack. If spinning is you preferred method or fishing then make your way left out around the rocky area below the Tout.

Warbarrow Bay, looking west.

To the west the shingle beach becomes steeper and gives way to much deeper water and a cleaner bottom. Flatfish, rays, eels and other bottom feeding fish can be targeted here along with pollack, mackerel, gar and scad to float-fished sandeel or fish strip.. Ragworm will catch most fish here with mackerel or squid as backup or as a tipping bait.The sandy area is most crowded with other beach users so a walk out to the west is recommended to get away from the stone-chuckers, moored boats and swimmers.
The nearest tackle and bait shops are in Wareham, on the right just before the bridge over the River Frome as you leave the town towards Swanage or at Swanage.