Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Weymouth, Preston Beach.

Preston Beach, looking back to the town beach

Preston Beach is the shingle beach that extends from Greenhill to Bowleaze Cove; the A353, signposted to Wareham, runs alongside the sea wall and beach. Parking is limited to the car parks at Greenhill , one about 400yds further on at the rear of the Sea Life Centre and then nowhere until you get to the cove. Here you may be lucky to park free on Bowleaze Coveway.

Weymouth charges , day and night, for parking.... and enforce it rigorously, don't overstay. Recent changes mean that parking overnight is now free rather than the punitive rates formerly charged

Fresh water outlet

The beach is fine shingle and is sheltered from westerly storms, it is often used as an alternative venue for matches when Chesil is too dangerous to fish. The beach is gently sloping once you are over the man-made bank and the water is fairly shallow. The beach is generally clean ground and snag free. All manner of species show up here and it is a greatly underrated spot. Anything from smoothhound to golden grey mullet can turn up. Ragworm is most widely used but mackerel, sandeel or squid can catch well. If you are after smoothhound then hermit crab is reckoned to be the bait to use.

Bowleaze Cove end, notice the reef.

If you fish the Bowleaze Cove end of the beach, be aware that there is a reef close inshore, otherwise you will lose tackle to it. If you look back landwards and line up with the edge of the last building on the other side of the road you are at the end of the reef. If you are after bass then you may well want to fish the reef although this is best done early morning or late evening as when you venture into the cove you are into swimmer and jet-ski territory.

There is little lateral movement to the water so light tackle and plain leads can be used. Fish can be caught very close to shore so long casting is not a requirement.

The nearest tackle shop is the Weymouth Angling Centre near the Town Bridge.

There are toilets at the Greenhill car park and at the junction of the main road and Bowleaze Coveway.

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