Sunday, 11 March 2007

Poole Harbour, Sandbanks Beach.

Sandbanks Beach, low tide.

Sandbanks is a peninsula that forms the eastern arm that encloses Poole Harbour. There is a large pay and display car park adjacent. Holly Bush is on the harbour side, and to the seaward, past the toilet block and other facilities, there is a large flat sandy beach. Fishing during the day is only possible out of the holiday season or at night during the summer. Many different species can be caught from here, long distance casting is not needied. A typical evening session in the dark in March yielded bass, pouting, rockling, whiting and flounder; all caught on ragworm or sandeel fillet baits on size two hooks, cast a maximum of seventy yards out; twenty yard casts were catching fish.

The Groyne near the beach access point at low tide.

At high tide you can cover more ground by fishing from the end of one of the groynes, this one has a flat concrete top. Take care when walking down onto the rocks to retrieve tackle and fish, wet rocks are slippery.